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Jaguars Swim Team Perform Great in Columbus!

Results: Mary D. 3rd in 25M Freestyle

Nick D. 2nd in 25M Freestyle

Dillon H. 1st in 25M Backstroke, 2nd in 25M Freestyle

Chad K. 4th in 25M Freestyle

Braydon R. 4th in 25M Freestyle

Hannah S. 3rd in 50M Backstroke, 5th in 50 M Freestyle

Nick W. 2nd in 50M Freestyle, 3rd in 50M Backstroke

And a HUGE 1st place win for our 4x25M Freestyle relay team, consisting of Mary, Chad, Dillon, and Nick W. Congrats to all swimmers this weekend! You all did amazing!!!! And a huge thank you to my coaches! Everything ran smooth, and you did amazing with these athletes this season.

--Celia Wilson, Special Olympics Coordinator


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