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Staff Directory

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Kathy Shaw - CEO/Director

Brenda Rodriguez - Fiscal Director

Chloe Miller - Work Floor Director

Emily Stockham - Front Desk

Celia Wilson - Special Olympics Coordinator

Carolee Hartman - Transportation Coordinator

Crystal Oyer - Annex Team Leader

Micah Weirich - Community Opportunities Coordinator/HPC Coordinator

Marty Friess - YES! Director

Teresa Robinson Haas - Community Employment Director YES!

Debbie Spiess - VHP

Zach Meister - VHP

Megan Clark - VHP

Taylor Hartman - VHP

Annette Shotwell - VHP

Julia Haase - VHP

Marissa Campos - Recycling Area

Michelle Molina - Driver

Renee Rearick - Driver

Michael Jordan - Driver

Melissa McQuillin - Driver

Steve Bechstein - Driver