Want to be a part of something that will change your life forever?

Special Olympics affects millions of lives every day. Whether you participate, volunteer, or coach the opportunities of inspiration are endless. Have you wanted to coach your favorite sport, or simply just lend a helping hand? We are always looking for volunteers and coaches to help us throughout each sport season, fundraising events, and fun activities! Anyone from age 14-104 can help us out! Get started! Simply fill out the form below and the Local Coordinator will be in touch! 

" I love volunteering and coaching with Special Olympics because I get to work with some amazing people who teach me what it means to unconditionally accept someone. It gives me so much joy to see them work so hard together, cheering each other on to excel at what they are doing, and be there for each other with true sincerity! It is truly an honor to be able to volunteer and coach these amazing athletes!"

       - Tanja Ringle (Coach & Volunteer) 

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