In order to get out information to everyone as soon as possible, Special Olympics sends alerts through the County website when an event is cancelled. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for you to either check the website, or sign up for these alerts to be informed. It is not always applicable that we can make individual phone calls regarding a cancellation. 

Not sure how to sign up? Follow these instructions: 

-head to:

-click on 'E-Services' 

-A drop-down menu will appear, go to 'alert center' 

This will take you to the alert page. Here, you can see the current alerts for Fulton County, including Special Olympics. To continue to sign up for the alerts personally:

-At the left hand side of the screen there is a box that says ''TOOLS" , in that box there a link to click 'NOTIFY ME'. 

- This will take you to where you can sign up for whichever alerts you want throughout the county. You will need to enter your email, then when prompted click on the boxes to highlight receiving emails AND/OR text messages to your phone. Enter your phone number if you chose. Scroll down to where you see Special Olympics, then click the little envelope AND/OR the phone to sign up! The email or phone will be selected, then you will just need to confirm through your email, then you're all set!